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Automatic Cutout Switch

We do not include a  ppm cutout switch that would turn off the unit when it reaches a certain ppm setting or timer to give rise to problems. This is because such switches are based on electrical conductivity which is extremely unreliable as a measure of ppm. Because of temperature differences and differences in water conductivity and dissolved oxygen, there is some variation in results in monitoring ppm. It is better to calculate the ppm by the length of time of charging the water, for which you could use an external timer/switch.  For example, 12 hours would give about 15 ppm with the optimum electrodes of 2” x 6” (5 cm x 15 cm).

We have found that 24 hours of charging gives approximately 24 ppm and 48 hours gives 48 ppm after which little further increase is possible due to agglomeration of particles into larger nanoclusters giving rise to yellow color.  The generator is programmed for the optimal current level and high frequencies for that area of electrodes for the best current density (milliamps per square cm).  Thicker electrodes of any thickness are available and will last longer.