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What is Colloidal Silver Water?

WHAT IS COLLOIDAL SILVER?  NANOSILVER WATER is an advanced form of Colloidal Silver (CS). It is the result of years of research to produce the highest quality product and cannot be compared to crude CS as sold worldwide, since CS is still crudely made by a rapid method which results in ion formation, low Zeta Potential, and unnecessarily large particles greater than 20-50 nanometres, which cannot pass the Blood-Brain Barrier.  Our NANOSILVER WATER has all the benefits and more of CS. NANOSILVER WATER is made from pure, distilled chlorine-free water, electrically charged (Zeta Potential) so as to alter the structure of the molecules of the water. We use large solid sheet electrodes of silver and gold to pass very weak electrical signals through the water slowly over 48 hours rather than over-driving the electrodes in a few minutes as is typical in the making of crude colloidal silver. Our NANOSILVER WATER typically contains only trace concentrations of minerals up to 50 ppm (0.005 %). To demonstrate how little this is, commercial water labeled as “Sodium-Free” has 10 ppm of Sodium. NANOSILVER WATER has minimal effects on benign bacteria of the colon because NANOSILVER WATER is rapidly absorbed into the mouth and small intestine. Taken orally, properly prepared silver mineral water in the form of NANOSILVER WATER could regain its rightful place as the safest, most effective antimicrobial.