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Dr. Stewart. Septicaemia, E.coli, and Antibiotics vs Colloidal Silver Oct 2017

Hugh Hefner died, perhaps unnecessarily, of septicemia, which is a severe blood infection, due to resistant organisms which might have been resolved using our colloidal silver. The organism which killed him was the gram-negative pathogen E.coli, now well known to be resistant to all available mainstream antibiotics, but has been shown to be inactivated by colloidal silver.

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Dr. John Stewart


Global antibiotic resistance killing thousands: Natural alternatives, such as colloidal silver, only viable medicine left especially against gram-negative pathogens October 03, 2017.

Colloidal silver better than antibiotics, November 13, 2009

The world is RUNNING OUT of antibiotics: Health leaders warn of ‘global emergency’ as patients develop a growing resistance to drugs which could jeopardize progress in modern medicine, Read more: