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Dr. Stewart. What Does Dr. Joel Wallach Say About Colloidal Minerals? Mar 2018

Question: What does Dr. Joel Wallach say about colloidal minerals?

Answer: Dr. Joel Wallach believes colloidal minerals have special cosmic properties and a negative Zeta Potential charge that help the body process and absorb nutrients and vitamins from food sources and that these minerals have an anti-oxidant effect by releasing free electrons and also attract viruses, bacteria, toxins, and heavy metals and flush them from the body. He claims these colloidal properties exceed the benefits of chemical compound formulations, more easily penetrate a cell and mitochondrial membranes and blood-brain barrier and lead to improved health.

All body fluids are colloidal. Of the 60 minerals recommended by Dr. Wallach, Biophysica sells 99.99% pure large area electrodes of silver, gold, magnesium, zinc, copper, platinum, palladium, tin, titanium, carbon, steel.