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Electrum is the synergistic combination of Silver and Gold now surpassing the formulations of the ancient alchemists who explored Electrum as an aid to immortality and the opening of ethereal portals to higher dimensions.  It is a powerful sacred elixir, similar to ORMUS, used to rebalance the brain and nervous system and has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits, especially against brain disorders such as Lyme, Alzheimers. Not only are these small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier but may also exhibit Quantum interactions with DNA, stem cells, telomeres, microtubules, Pineal, and Consciousness. Electrum has anti-oxidant power for fighting free radicals which cause cancer and aging, and it may also boost immunity. Active electrons and Quantum Energy stored in Electrum act as Homeopathic carriers of preventive and sacred healing potency to shield against the energetic causes of disease, malfunction, and misfortune. Silver inactivates parasites of the physical dimensions while gold inactivates parasites of the higher dimensions (entities, reptilian behavioral patterns) and activates the Pineal (the relay station for higher consciousness). In our proprietary technology using large sheet electrodes of ultrapure gold and silver, atoms are liberated from the electrodes to combine synergistically in a magnetic vortex, with applied Rife, Solfeggio, Fibonacci, and similar sacred frequencies, at the atomic level, into small clusters of electrically charged nanoparticles (colloid) suspended in pure structured water.

Each nanoparticle carries an abundance of free electrons forming a powerful negative Zeta charge capable of zapping any microbe or parasite (like a laser beam).  Electrum nanoparticles act as portals to radiate light visions and sound messages (at both physical and supernatural levels), vastly increasing the resonant characteristics of the energy centers (Chakras) of the human and animal body, especially the Pineal gland  (transceiver of higher consciousness). A body fueled by colloidal gold and/or colloidal silver water of optimal Quantum-active nanoparticle size range of 0.6 to 10 nanometres experiences an extremely enhanced electrical conductivity and Quantum interconnectedness between the energy centers of the body of humans, animals, and plants.  When the silver and gold are combined simultaneously to form Electrum the body undergoes a quantum shift in its electrical nature and more easily interacts with DNA, into which Electrum imparts its sacred intentional messages, through Electroluminescence and biophoton communication.

Electrum was recognized in ancient times as representing the combination of male and female. Electrum was used in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, sometimes as an exterior coating to the pyramidions atop ancient Egyptian pyramids and obelisks for the purpose of focussing higher dimensional energy.  It was seen as an antenna to connect with God the Mother knew then as Isis. Vedic scholars identified the Sanskrit term for electrum as ‘Soma’, described as granting eternal life through the luminosity of the electrum nanoparticles consumed in both foods and drinks.  Vedic texts are directly defining a ‘god’ as one who has ‘discovered’ and ‘attained the light’ by consuming Soma drinks and foods enriched with electrum nanoparticles. The “light” is likely a metaphor for higher consciousness and illuminated awareness, attention, and intention.