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Genito-Urinary Problems And Colloidal Silver

Two of the most distressing chronic conditions are chronic cystitis and vaginitis. Both are very common. There are well over 100,000 cases of diagnosed interstitial cystitis in the US and perhaps five times this number undiagnosed. Some patients wait 8-10 years before seeking help. Cystitis sufferers spend an estimated $200 million dollars for medical care because the consequences on their lives are so serious, including four times greater incidence of suicidal thoughts. Although the cause is not completely known, it is likely that microbial infection and biofilm formation play a major part. Biofilm is a clever defense mechanism of bacteria to protect the bacterial colony from attack. This why we need high concentration (ppm) and prolonged treatment of colloidal silver to clear the bladder and kidneys of disease. In the case of vaginitis, there is commonly a mixed infection of at least three organisms Trichomonas (a protozoan), Gardnerella (a bacterium), and Candida (a yeast). Other possible organisms are Chlamydia and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Many more exist but these are the commonest. Some sufferers have found that ingesting a combination of colloidal copper, colloidal zinc, and colloidal silver to be very helpful. Copper is well known to inactivate multicellular organisms. We need equal amounts of silver and copper daily = 300 micrograms (0.3 milligrams).