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Ionic V Particulateinstructions For Making Colloidal Mineral Waters

MAKING YOUR OWN COLLOIDAL SILVER Good quality Colloidal Silver mineral water is easy to make at home using distilled or Reverse Osmosis water and our properly designed colloidal generator.  It is totally safe for all living creatures except small marine organisms. The silver mono-atomic particles are so small (less than 10 nanometres) that they penetrate easily into the smallest microbes, viruses, perhaps prions, mitochondria, microtubules, and undoubtedly across the blood-brain barrier. They do not accumulate in the body and are excreted all too quickly.  No silver salts or ions should be present to cause Argyria.  Only nano-clusters of metallic silver atoms should be present which cannot interact with the Hydrochloric Acid of the stomach. Nanoparticles pass on to the bloodstream unchanged to carry out their catalytic function and are later excreted.  A nanoparticle is a charged nanocluster of atoms and is not an ion which is a single charged monoatomic atom.