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Quantity Produced By One Pair Of Electrodes

Quantity:  What is the approximate gallons of CS that can be made per set of electrodes? Total Volume Yield:  The generator with pair of 2″ x 6″ electrodes will provide about 400 batches of 5 liters = 2000 liters, then the electrodes will be reduced in size due to atoms of silver having been released.  For example, if you make 5 liters of 40 ppm (40 mg/liter) then 200 milligrams (0.2 grams) of metal have been removed from the pair of electrodes. A pair of 24 gauge, 0.5 mm thick 2″ x 6″ electrodes contain 83.3 gms of pure metal of which about 80 gms are removable. Total volume of 40 ppm = 80gms/40mg = 80/0.04 = 2000 litres.  Doubling the thickness to 1 mm (18 AWG) would double the total yield. For making moderately large bulk quantities of CS, we supply 2 solid 1/8″ thick bars 6″ long of silver rather than the thin sheets for domestic use. For very large quantities, we supply 2 or more large thick sheets of solid silver. The answer can be calculated from the weight of the 2 silver metal electrodes at a chosen desired ppm (milligrams per liter). The relevant equation is concentration = weight divided by volume, or PPM = mg/litre Therefore total volume = weight of electrodes divided by PPM. For two residential electrodes of 2 x 6 inches each 45 gms and the desired PPM of 10 mg/l, then the total volume would be 90000/10 = 9000 liters = 2160 gallons. For two bulk electrodes each 1 lb (454 gm) and the desired PPM of 10 mg/l, then the total volume would be 908000/10 = 90800 liters = 23989 gallons