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Suitable Sources Of Water

We are now recommending the use of distilled or Reverse Osmosis water.  Distilling privately tends to give results that are poor.   Obtain Reverse Osmosis water which has no Chlorine or Ozone and no minerals added in the final stage.  It is usually available from water stores at $3-$4 for 5 gallons (20 liters).  Tap water usually has Chlorine and Fluoride which are incompatible with silver.   Any aqueous fluid, tea, or juice from distilled to saltwater can be subjected to electrolysis and release silver atoms. Even sewage water heavily polluted with coliform bacteria has been rendered safe to drink.

When the source is well, lake or river water it is generally wise to clean it first with filtration and Reverse Osmosis, before adding silver or copper.  Make sure that your water is not too pure and non-conductive.  It would be better to commence the process with a small amount of conductivity in the water, such as with Reverse Osmosis water or single distilled water, or add a few crystals of Ascorbic or Citric Acid to commence with 1 to 5 micro siemens.  Do not add salt which contains Chloride and may form insoluble silver chloride.