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Water Quality Control, Choices, and Restructuring

  1. What kind of water do you recommend? I have been given contradictory information. Some people tell to use distilled water, the others Reverse Osmosis, some deionized, pure water to 0 PPM. Do you have any device to make pure water 0 PPM?
Reverse osmosis water is a gentler purification process and gives the best results   Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is produced by a more gentle process through a membrane and is devoid of minerals including Fluorides. We now use RO water for our own electrolysis processes.  In replacing the missing essential minerals, use or make your own colloidal minerals rather than artificial chemical molecules. Distilled water is too pure and non-conductive, has too much-dissolved oxygen.  Ultrapure water is not necessary unless you are injecting it intravenously. Some degree of electrical conductivity, up to 12 microsiemens, is helpful to get the process started. Distilled water (DW) is considered to be acidic, immature, and aggressive (Schauberger) and leaches out essential minerals from the body, and brings over volatile chemicals.  DW should not be ingested as a drink.   Most commercially available DW contains Ozone which forms a yellow color of silver oxide. We tried to use our own home DW with poor results, but lately getting good results with local grocery DW. HARD WATER:  We found that hard water has minerals that form a tenacious deposit on the electrodes, very difficult to remove.