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What Are The Benefits Of NanoSilver Water ?

NANOSILVER WATER seems to have an exceptional range of benefits such that it has been used in situations of morbidity either alone or in combination with other remedies. During times of natural disaster and in tropical countries, it is an inexpensive water sterilization and disease prevention regime. In farming, veterinary medicine, poultry farms, and fish hatcheries, all animals should have a regular supplement of NANOSILVER WATER. In agriculture, sprouting, and horticulture NANOSILVER WATER has usefulness on plants by slowing down the wilting process as well as protecting against parasites. Minute traces of metallic silver in the atomic form are reported, in many scientific reports, to have the unique property of inactivating several strains of bacteria, certain viruses, molds, fungi, protozoa parasites, and possibly prions (infective protein causing brain damage). In its elemental, atomic (non-ionic) form, silver has no toxicity, no cumulative side effects nor does it give rise to resistant strains, unlike some antibiotics.