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What Are The Costs?

Today, most Health Food Stores carry and sell several brands of colloidal silver, scores of MLM companies have colloidal silver products in their lines. While it is still possible to spend as much as $20/oz. for colloidal silver water in Health Food Stores and from MLM companies, prices can be as low as $4/oz.      You can make your own fresh untarnished high-quality COLLOIDAL SILVER  for pennies using our colloidal generator. In this way, you are assured of quality, freshness, concentration, safety, and effectiveness.

Why does this technology cost so much?

The electrodes are solid large area 99.99% medically pure metal which is time-consuming for us to cut, insulate and attach to Gold plated pins. Also, we have just brought down the price of our generators which are also very labor-intensive and time-consuming to make here in Canada  (not in Asia), such as etching each Miasm and Sacred Geometry protected Printed Circuit Board. We have to etch them individually ourselves and it cannot be done commercially by a computerized production-line manufacturer because of the unique Sacred Geometry graphics and Chartres Labyrinth pattern on the board.