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What Are The Various Sizes Of Gold Electrodes Available?

What Are The Various Sizes Of Gold Electrodes Available? We purchase all of our metals in large sheets, custom rolled to our specifications,  so any size is available. The Following Gold Plates Are Popular with high purity of 99.99% (0.9999 pure)  solid gold sheet electrode 28 gauge 1 x 2 inch or 0.5″ x 4″ , 1″ x 1″ , 2″ x 2″ , 2″ x 6″ , 6” x 8” etc Gold electrodes are much thinner than silver because gold atoms do not leave the anode easily, whereas silver atoms leave the electrode surface very easily.  Because of this extra wear, you need a much thicker silver electrode. This is because gold takes days and weeks to make to obtain high concentrations, Using the single-channel CS1-12 would limit your use, preventing use for silver or other colloidal metals while making gold.  It would be better to buy our two-channel CS2-12. If you plan to make Colloidal Gold regularly, you should consider our 2 channel generator CS2-12 otherwise CS1 -1 is sufficient for your purposes.  (Two channels, each for Silver, Gold, and 10 other metals),  at