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Which Generators Are The Most Popular

All our generators have a built-in stirrer motor which needs a 24-48 v adapter and two silver electrodes.   Please see below if you would like to use other metals available in our store. We offer Colloidal Gold, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, and 7 other minerals. CSN1-1 (One channel, for Silver only) CSN1-45 (One channel, for Silver, Gold, and 10 other metals) It is a single channel model which can make Silver, Gold, and 10 other metals, one at a time. It will make up to 5 liters in each batch and delivers up to 45 milliamperes, suitable for 2” x 6” electrodes. CSN2-45 (Two channels) has an output connector for the accessory external plate which sits on a second container.  Two channels, for Silver, Gold, and 10 other metals.  CS2-45 is our most popular model using two channels simultaneously which allows you to charge two separate 4-5 liter containers simultaneously.  This model allows Colloidal Gold to be made over 7 days in one container up to 5 liters while at the same time making either colloidal silver, copper, zinc, tin, magnesium, etc every 2 days in the other five-liter container. Our smallest colloidal generators: The electrodes for this unit are smaller than average (no longer than 5”) so more time (4 days) are needed to make 20ppm in a 4 liter (1 gallon) container. Our largest colloidal generators: Models for Bulk Manufacturing of NANOWATER For large quantities, the bulk industrial generator is preferred.  It allows for in-line pressurized production. To increase output, as in bulk manufacturing for thousands of liters, or in-line continuous production, increase electrode areas by mounting multiple pairs of electrodes.  For inline manufacture, we supply a 2” or 3” diameter in-line charging chamber for pairs of electrodes 2” wide and up to 14” in length. We also supply rectangular canister box enclosures each of which can hold up to 12 electrodes.  If one canister is insufficient for your NANOWATER volume, quality, and ppm requirements, any number of extra canisters can be added in cascade.  Electrodes are mounted as pairs on detachable quick-connect adapters.  You then have detachable, quick-connectors for each metal pair.  Electrodes can be of any metal.