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Are Two Gold Electrodes Required?

In order to reduce your costs, we have designed the CS1-12 so that two expensive gold electrodes are not necessary, although theoretically two should ideally be used. When making Gold or other highly noble and expensive metals, like Platinum, Palladium the CSN1-12 is designed so that you need only one of these electrodes rather than incurring the cost of two. This is because due to the physics of Electrolysis and Electron flow, only one electrode (Anode) releases atoms at any instant. This electrode is the positive electrode (Anode) while the other electrode acts only as a ground (Cathode) and does not release atoms into the water, and in fact, receives atoms and gets coated with oxides. In order to make Colloidal Gold with one gold electrode, you would switch the Alternating option OFF, so that the Gold electrode remains the Anode all during the charging process, and a silver or any other electrode is used as the Cathode. For making Silver, Zinc, Copper with 2 similar electrodes, you should turn ON the Alternating option so that each electrode is Anode for a few minutes, then the other electrode becomes Anode for a few minutes, then they automatically switch again repetitively. This prevents the build-up of silver, zinc, and copper oxides on the surface of the electrodes and has a self-cleaning action.  If you buy a single gold electrode, you can use a silver electrode as the cathode to balance it in the unipolar non-alternating mode. The results are quite good but less perfect than using two same electrodes Gold needs the full power of the 100-volt power supply, which the lower metals do not.  With regard to the noble metals Gold, Platinum, and Titanium, these atoms are more difficult to remove from the electrode and require more time, more electrical current, higher voltage, and require a bio-compatible seeding catalytic agent to produce the desired results. Remember that while making Colloidal Gold the single-channel generator would not be available for at least one week for making other solutions. This why many customers choose to buy a model with two or more channels such as CS2-12, CS4-12, CS6-12 which are effectively several generators in one.