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Quality & Nanoparticle Size

QUALITY (NANO-PARTICLE SIZE): Smallest nanoparticle size in the range of 1 to 8 nanometres is the most effective against the most vicious organisms, spirochaetes (leptospira, treponema, borellia), viruses (Epstein-Barr) and prions, all of which damage the nervous system.  Particle size is directly dependent on microcurrent level. Overdriving the electrodes such as in using small rod or wire electrodes or using high voltages and high currents will produce large particles and an inferior product which may work against large bacteria but not against the above organisms.  The focus of our research over the last 10 years is to produce the smallest nanoparticles (1 to 8 nm).  Recent laboratory reports at indicate that we have achieved the highest quality of colloidal waters with particle size ranging from 1 to 5 nm for gold and 1 to 8 nm for silver with minimal ion formation, since ions rapidly combine with stomach acid to produce insoluble silver chloride. It is impossible to give you an accurate figure for percentage or ion:particle ratio since we believe that laboratory analysis such as with Doppler Zetasizers and electrical conductivity are inaccurate.