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What PPM Of Gold Should I Expect?

Be aware that conductivity measurements of gold and most other metals other than silver are not an accurate indication of ppm. This is because both ions and nanoparticles are produced. Ions are positively charged and nanoparticles are negatively charged, so the conductivity reflects the opposition of these opposite charges. This why the conductivity seems to up and down. There are always much more metal atoms (higher ppm) than the meter indicates. Gold is a noble metal because it does not naturally corrode or tarnish. Gold atoms are released from the Anode electrode only when the electrical current is at a high level and when the water is already made conductive (seeding) by Silver or other ions and atoms such as Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). In making Colloidal Gold you have to start with some conductivity in the water (called “seeding”) for substantial electrical current to flow and this is best done by adding some Colloidal silver water to your new batch of R.O. water. A better choice would be to simply make CS first then change the electrode on the red outlet (Anode, Positive Polarity) turn the Alternating option OFF so that only Gold is being released from the red electrode. Since Gold atoms do not easily come off the electrode, the ppm is lower and the electrode will last for years. After 2 days, Gold will be only about 0.5-1 ppm because gold does not come off easily from the electrodes. A longer charging time of 1 to 2 weeks is needed. ¬†Even with Gold, the electrodes should not be overdriven by excessive current.