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Domestic Colloidal Generator (CS1-30)


The Biophysica Domestic CS1-30 Generator uses 2*4 or 2*6 electrode plates. The generator is a single channel with an output of up to 100 volts. The current range of the CS1-30 generator is 6-30 mA. Other metals used would require more current. The generator is powered by 12 volts DC and can also be powered by a car battery or solar panels. Biophysica’s internal booster module raises output voltage up to levels of 100 – 150 volts. Our technology provides effective disinfection for chlorine-free healthy water for a variety of uses.

Daily Volume One gallon (4 Litres) at 50 Parts Per Million

The CS1-30 generator works exclusively with silver electrodes!




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  1. Sanat Verma

    Really Nice Electrodes… Worked well with the generator.

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